New Testing fields

On August 14 2020, we will be publishing twelve new API fields in the states endpoints for antigen, PCR, and antibody testing:

  • Total Test Encounters (PCR) totalTestEncountersViral
  • Total PCR Tests (People) totalTestsPeopleViral
  • Total Antibody Tests totalTestsAntibody
  • Positive Antibody Tests positiveTestsAntibody
  • Negative Antibody Tests negativeTestsAntibody
  • Total Antibody Tests (People) totalTestsPeopleAntibody
  • Positive Antibody Tests (People) positiveTestsPeopleAntibody
  • Negative Antibody Tests (People) negativeTestsPeopleAntibody
  • Total Antigen Tests (People) totalTestsPeopleAntigen
  • Positive Antigen Tests (People) positiveTestsPeopleAntigen
  • Total Antigen Tests totalTestsAntigen
  • Positive Antigen Tests positiveTestsAntigen

Deprecation of old URLs

We are officially deprecating the old API URLs that have been redirecting since April 2 to our current API paths. Users of these old URLs should update their apps before October 1, when these paths will start returning 404 errors.

/states/info.csv /v1/states/info.csv
/states/daily.csv /v1/states/daily.csv
/states.csv /v1/states/current.csv
/us.csv /v1/us/current.csv
/us/daily.csv /v1/us/daily.csv
/states/daily?state=:state&date=:date /v1/states/:state/:date.json
/statesdaily?state=:state&date=:date /v1/states/:state/:date.json
/states?state=:state /v1/states/:state/current.json
/us?date=date /v1/us/:date.json
/us/daily?date=date /v1/us/:date.json
/v1/us.json /v1/us/current.json
/v1/states.json /v1/states/current.json
/states/info /v1/states/info.json
/states/daily /v1/states/daily.json
/states.json /v1/states/current.json
/states /v1/states/current.json
/us /v1/us/current.json
/us.csv /v1/us/current.csv
/us/daily /v1/us/daily.json

New API domain name

In order to serve the API more efficiently, we are moving the API service to a new domain: All of the relative URL paths like /v1/states/info.json are exactly the same and unchanged.

You can move your apps to the new domain now. On August 17, we will start redirecting all traffic from our old API endpoints at to the new domain.

Comment on our proposal for a new API

The COVID Tracking Project was founded in the early days of the COVID pandemic arriving in the US, and provided an API from day one. Since then, the data we collect has undergone many changes.

Because of this, we are working on a new version of the API. Please read the RFC and give a comment or thumbs up. We'd love to hear your feedback!