The COVID Tracking Project API changes
The COVID Tracking Project API changes

Deprecation of the public spreadsheet





Since the COVID Tracking Project started in March, we have been collating and publishing our data in the form of a single Google Sheet. Our API and website both used that sheet to publish all our core dataset. As our data collection effort has matured, we have built new tools to improve our publishing process. To that end, all of our API and website data are now based on an improved publishing system that no longer uses Google sheets.

However, people have been using our public sheets to import our data in ways that were never intended. We only support pulling data through our API. Supporting users whose apps broke because we changed the public sheet has had a significant impact on our support teams.

We encourage anyone who is using the public sheet for importing data to switch to our API, or import the CSV files available from our download page. As of November 30, the sheet will be static and no longer get new rows or columns, and on December 24, it will be taken offline.