The COVID Tracking Project API changes
The COVID Tracking Project API changes

Announcing Version 2 of our API





As the COVID Tracking Project approaches our first year, we have been learning-while-doing with building our API. Our API powers thousand of applications, with millions of users per month, and is core to our mission to provide the most accurate and timely data about COVID in the US to a wide audience.

Our current API is a flat, CSV-file like endpoint, with very little flexibility to add new fields or remove old deprecated ones. Because it was so quickly adopted, we were unable to change these fields around without breaking applications.

Today, we are announcing a beta of version 2 of our API with the following features:

  • Every datapoint includes calculations like percents of population and seven-day averages where appropriate. This can be turned off by requesting a “simple” endpoint
  • Endpoints return data in a structured format of categories. For example, instead of hospitalizedCumulative, use
  • Human-readable field titles are included with every endpoint. For example, the states daily endpoint includes definition for Cumulative hospitalized/Ever hospitalized
  • All annotations or warnings are included in the state’s metadata

These features were built against an RFP that got considerable public and private feedback from select API users.

Will the “v1” API change or go down?

No. We will never take offline or remove features from the v1 API. We may still change deprecated fields as we always have.

When will the v2 API be available?

It is available now, but all URLs are prefixed with /v2beta. We will take it out of beta on February 15.

How can I provide feedback?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns (select "API in the dropdown) about the new API.